The Eliminator is a ground-breaking invention — a portable, cordless (rechargeable battery by A/C adapter or solar) non-assembly, self contained trash compactor. No more mess or overflowing garbage's, totally touchless. The patent allows for a deodorizer/refresher to be built in and a mountable base for moving vehicles ( trucks, boats, RV's, etc.).

It can be used outdoors or any room in the home and can be decorative. Also, it can be made large or small depending on the consumers needs. It uses state of the art technology to easily dispose of garbage and notifies the user when the unit is full.

The Eliminator is safe for children to use, easy to empty, and it’s the only compactor that’s portable; from long road trips to kitchen trash “The Eliminator” eliminates your garbage!

The invention is under patent number 7,000,532. The target market would be in homes, offices, townhouses and condominiums, for leisure activities and for all vehicles.

We're seeking a manufacturer or investor to help finance, license, or buy the rights of this patent.
  No more mess or overflowing
kitchen or bathroom garbage’s!

The Eliminator tells you when it’s full and won’t compress the garbage until the door is shut, for child safety. The unit can even operate with a remote.
Eliminate the garbage!

Great for parties, picnics, and barbeques! It’s the most convenient and innovative way to dispose of
  It can be used at the office or college dorms too! “The Eliminator” is also great for camping or boating!

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* This picture is a 3-d rendering of the portable trash compactor, a prototype has not been built.

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